Intrepid Journey

My journey on the downward spiral continues. Once again I find myself without stimulation in a suspend state of mind. My spirit has lost its way once more. The soul has become delusional and is no longer able to heal itself. I have been drawn into the unquenchable vacuum that is the tangible.


My mind will not survive here much longer.


With each passing day I am subjected to control and influences which had been hard fought against in the past. Self-awareness will be my savior. Where am I? Who am I? Am I merely a reflection of what my eyes behold? Am I travelling through space and time aimlessly, in a futile attempt at replicating a social idea that is happiness? Each time I associate euphoria with the physical I allocate incredible power to it.


Enduring bliss in the physical is not possible. Order without chaos is not possible. All things that exist do so side by side with an opposite of equal power. That is why happiness will inevitably yield to a comparable sorrow. The converse is also true.


Life, time, and space, all are able to exist because of the circle, the unbroken infinite road that repeats itself forever. Life is a series of repeating events; you are either going up or you are coming down. Awareness is the ability to control the frequency and amplitude of these occurrences. To separate the spirit from the mind would be to do away with the undulations and exist on a transcendental plane.


Emotions do not belong to the physical.


The senses are a means for the body to communicate with the mind. Emotions are easily influenced because the weak mind is programmed by the senses. All the while a person perceives they are on a quest to an ultimate goal it is my belief that they have lost sight of the zenith which is total control of one’s self. The spirit is the only thing that cannot be touched in this world. Yet we forget and allow ourselves to be influenced easily by our environment.


Tranquillity is a thought away.



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