Shit, fuck, crap; here we go again. Whiskey and coffee make an odd combination. For someone who pounds the typer, however, it is a necessity. The whiskey, much like Lethe, is essential for the mind to wander from reality into a world of fantasy, where happiness looms around every corner, just a few steps from materializing and saturating the soul with bliss. Coffee, although it does not blend well with liquor, stimulates my body and makes it yearn for action. Together they endow me with an indescribable power that most can only imagine. My soul fluctuates between here and there and everywhere while my body wishes for everything it does not have.


The tangible world in front of me becomes plebeian environment void of stimulation…. Shit you see what I mean. A half a pint of whiskey and I can’t even concentrate long enough to finish a thought. I have yet to start on the twelve ounces of coffee sitting in front of me.


Let’s get to the bottom line. I am sitting here right now because everything around me has become so mundane that my mind feels like it is about to explode. Ignorance is bliss, but what about the learned. What is to become of them? Those that reject the right to exist, those that denounce their purpose in life, you, he, I whom understand the futility of the challenge, what is to become of us?


The game has already been won for he, or she, sex is not of particular matter in this debacle, which accepts the reality and rejects the shroud of materialism and competition.


I will answer your question. Society, the masses that is, I estimate them to be about ninety percent of the human population, would rejoice in our confinement to the labyrinth of an asylum far removed from the tediously planned communities in which they dwell. For to question ones purpose in life would be the means to destroy it.


We work, I work, you work, he and she work, some by light of the life star, others by artificial means, regardless of which the goal of which is to occupy my time, your time, their time, so that you may forget the question, keep your mind from traversing into the river of insanity, in which its relentless current you shall progress towards enlightenment. “No!” they say.


No because if you say yes to carnage you will undoubtedly say no to the system which hath been long in control of the masses and their fears. Fears are for the weak, much like society. For it is the weak of mind that need sheltering, because it is they who cannot think but must react as a group to the physical, which is omnipresent.


Yes, the masses are ruled by the body, the sensual, euphoric presence which lingers in the corner of consciousness, deep in the corner, for it is the spirit which controls the mind, but for the weak mind the spirit has little or no influence on you, on them, those who cannot distinguish, will not differentiate between the two. The masses exist as one, one body and soul, one existing force that must conform and be accepted in order for that being to feel joy and happiness and oust grief and pain. Low and behold, your pain and grief are everpresent on your daily trek through time, for you long for that which does not exist.   

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