The Casbah Cafe

The Casbah café; yeah, with the circonflex on the “e”, is a small coffee house on Sunset Boulevard in Silver Lake. Pastel, blues and reds, it makes for a good combination. There are a few small round tables outside next to some wicker chairs. Inside, if you find yourself inclined you could purchase le produits marocains, Turkish towels, baskets, sandwiches, or you could have a cup of joe with a piece of cake. If you sit outside you’ll notice an ironic blend of trendy second hand shops, Laundromats, franchise restaurants, and countless souls entangled in the futile struggle to be unique. There is a bar across the street and the bass pours through the door that opens and shuts regularly. The Casbah is closed but open. There are a few stragglers with nowhere to go. The owner doesn’t seem to mind. Pupusas and 98 cent stores keep my mind occupied; so much to see, but nothing to do. The sidewalk in front of me has been torn up by the Department of Transportation.


Sunset Boulevard, even in Silver Lake, even at nine thirty at night, is crawling with humans that refuse to stay home, wandering from this joint to that joint. Maybe they are going home, maybe they just left their homes. I don’t even think I care. I didn’t succeed in my mission tonight, which was to have a productive writing session but here is what I did learn.


Most of the coffee houses in Silver Lake do not stay open late.

The coffee houses in Los Feliz have become too trendy.

Stir Crazy on Melrose would be worth checking out.

Hotel Coffee house on Cahuenga south of Hollywood has a free jukebox and stays open until four in the morning.

The shops in Los Feliz have poor service.

Basically, there are very few places were I could go sit for a few hours that are not crowded that are open when I need them to be.


So until I find one of these places I will have to keep all this in mind.

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