Walking in the Shadow of the Moon

An angry soul drips on my forehead as I try to remember where I am.


Slowly I feel the pain that he feels start to boil my blood

The fear that he smells is nothing more than a rose in disguise.


I repent and admire his resolve

As he stares into my soul

He tries to devour me

A futile attempt for redemption.


We walk side by side

In a forest replete with uncertainty

The shadows, relentless, hover and cover

Darkening our progress


As the darkness surrounds us

I reach out to my stumbling companion

Lead him past the bulwarks,

Yet he fails to open his eyes.


They have been shut

By him, for him;

The light stings his unaccustomed eyes.


Fear has been dealt to him and he lives

To retaliate and infuriate

A grand resolve if ever he knew one.

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