Oh Woeful Man

Oh woeful man, I pray for thee to repent

Thou defining moments covet thee,

As thou longs for answers.

That putrid combination of environment and instance

Affects blessed blood, hurling it boiling

Relentlessly poisoning the mighty soul.


I pray for thee, my man, my brother

I pray thee arise from the disillusioned slumber thou hast succumbed to.

Under the false guise of pleasure my brother, thou shall continue to endure

The wrath of thy sins.


My heart weighs heavy in my chest whilst I recollect on sorrows. All man shall pass through a moment and place that shall lay siege to his resolve. That defining moment is as unavoidable as it is invisible.


I say the defining moment visits us often and while hiding somewhere deep in our psyche influences us more than any single vision would dare. To recollect serves many purposes, mainly to mold our future.


I often stare at people and attempt, however fruitless, to dissect their will. It is quite difficult to extract a miniscule amount of reason from a man’s behavior by relying solely on one’s eyes. Man is a product of his environment, smythed by time, into a beast far removed from god’s image. If it is difficult for me to assume the role of man’s interpreter it is impossible for me to write of him in endearing terms. Man is a hypocritical beast that prides itself on indulgence. He is too easily swayed by mere occurrences, satisfied with mere relief. All shall pass through turbulence and forget the lessons handed down to them. Those lessons, the only worthy product of time, that teach us we have not evolved past primordial beings, are frightening. We readily shove them aside, relying instead on our brief existence to guide us through god’s punishment. It is at those defining moments that man resolves to resolve, whether consciously or subconsciously. We are the product of time and space.


Fear, a driving force, has visited me often. I have had many defining moments, some as short as a thought, others seemingly endless. Though by definition some may not seem a singular moment I decry they are the same. Buried thoughts live on in my subconscious and make themselves known to me at their will. I lay myself naked on these pages that those with interest may digest my thoughts. These physical pages shall serve as an enduring testament to man’s will. What is man’s will? It is not his own but that of his brethren, for it is they whom inflict the wretched environment and compose it in its most foul tangible nature into the machine that serves the will of Satan. Yet to lay blame to everything but oneself is irresponsible.


Our bodies are our liberties yet daily we suffice to sell them to those that would destroy them. I observe the eager man on his trek to satisfaction, that which has been promised to him by Satan. Yet satisfaction is an illusion and therefore cannot be given or traded or bought. Man will continue on his simple path, continuously distracted, ever reaching for that joy which has been denied him. Man must repent and smell and feel and be forced to face disappointment. He will renounce these truths and never lay down those arms, which he raised against the almighty when he first questioned his will.


Armed with discontent and contempt at his ill contrived shortcomings he will turn on his brethren, and lay blame on them. With those same arms he rose against his father he shall pillage and enslave those that have not acted on their defining moments. He will drink freely and wet himself of the fragrant wine he has stolen. And he shall share with his jackals that they would know he is capable of enlightening them with a joy.


Oh woeful man I pray for thee

I pray thee stop thy evil ways and let thy brother know liberty

Alas to know liberty would be to quench that yearning

To live again in that moment when all was right


To know god’s grace is to know the grace of thy brother. Search not further, for in a stable environment the soul may flourish and feed on joy eternally. Be not swayed by Satan’s false hope. Hope exists only in my brother’s eyes and I cherish them for such.

Satan henceforth shall refer to man, the original sinner, who composed the fallen angels to distance himself from his duties to repent.

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