Remember to Forget

Sitting alone in one of Los Angeles’ great urban forests I cannot help but wonder why my City is so torn apart. Yet I lie, for I know very well the reasons that divide man. Fear, above all, has the culminating ability to deprive a human of reason. Fear that power shall overpower him.


Walking along my beautiful boulevards I see flowers repressed by slabs of concrete, laid down for progress. Hmm. Progress serves the people, yet people die for progress.


And fear survives because hope dies. There shall be no greater punishment than to not know the greatest pain of life. For to not live to know the inevitable is to die in ignorance, and as much bliss as it may bring, none shall readily admit to her.


I write today not as a preacher, but as a historian. I do not strive to change the convictions of man (I leave that to the megalomaniacs), but rather my desire is to inform, and not let die the bohemian pleasure of indifference.


Yes, you will hate me for I shall not support your whimsical, capricious contraventions. Or are they mine. You live and follow the will of those before you, much in the same manner as I do. But I shall resist them and you shall resist me.


The world is fast succumbing to that which will inevitably bring about that grand demise. And I shall proclaim from high above my perch, ever glancing heaven set, the proclamation that wrong has as much right to exist as reason.


Make of this what you will but remember always that any advancement in time yields the unsavory consequence of disappointment. Learn to devour despair and enjoy the daylight.


Heed this call, you future, for little has changed since days of yore. Neglect the balance and feel her wrath saturate your bare soul. You shall remember me as you struggle, choking, for a breath of reason, to disentangle your limbs from the grasp of reality.

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