Sex and Coffee

lovers1So you want a fucken story. Well I’ll tell you a fucken story. Frank and Jill hook up. Oh yeah, full of passion and hate and boredom, and in the end, an ending. But this story is not about love found and lost. This story is about two lost souls who have been programmed since the day they were born.

Frank and Jill never had a chance. I don’t mean they didn’t have a chance together. Neither had a chance at being happy. Well you can call me sad and depressed, maybe I haven’t even fucked in a while (that would make you happy right). What I will tell you about myself is that I force myself to see past the bullshit that you have all accepted. Why, do you ask, would someone want to learn the truth and not be content with the established order that seems to work for everyone?

Well friend, and yes, you can be my friend even though you will hate me; we all do our time on earth ignorantly. We try to suppress emotions that are as real as the rain, or the sun, or the single ply toilet paper that always leaves my hands smelling like shit. Frank and Jill had a problem that is common to most people (I approximate most to be about ninety percent of the population). Men and women hope to find someone that will pull them out of misery and make their lives complete. The key to male and female relationships is sex. Everlasting happiness is a dream, not real, like fluffy clouds and pots full of gold at the end of the rainbow, or women with three breasts. We hope to find these things one day, the never-ending desire that stays in our minds at all time. Seldom do we acknowledge that in the universe there must always exist a balance amongst all things. Now if you have thought about this subject before then you are aware that pain and sorrow are inevitable. For a relationship to last you must be content with minimalism in people. If you are not, if you are constantly waiting for the other person to produce their potential it is guaranteed that you will become disillusioned in time.

Which brings me back to Frank and Jill. Frank was happy in his self-destructive ways. When he met Jill he wanted, like all other men Jill had met, to bury his head in between her thick thighs and play her like a saxophone, creating nuances that would pleasure the attentive ear. What Jill had seen in Frank on their first encounter was a brilliant, unique, individual mind that was capable of producing amazing results. Now you see the problem.

Frank had derived through his twenty-three years of life the notion that nothing mattered. Who said anyone had to do, or work towards anything at all. What was the great goal that we were all working for? Frank had accepted the reality that life was pain. Yes happiness crept in through his cloudy atmosphere here and there.

Well friends, it seems that once again I am blabbering endlessly about a subject that is foreign to most. Relationships are like coffee; if you take it black you will seldom be disappointed, but once you start adding sugar and cream and cinnamon and whipped cream, well you see, the window for success begins to narrow. Oh but you will speak of discriminating taste, and the pursuit of perfection. Here is what I have to say about you discriminating whores: the less things you hate the more things there will be for you to like.

Hate and enjoyment are two simple words that carry an awful lot of weight. Enjoy sex. Don’t hate the person that is letting you have it with them, because you will definitely hate not having someone to stick it in, or in a woman’s case, not having someone to stick it in you (I will not elaborate on other types of relationships for the sake of simplicity).

Society’s programming of the masses, facilitated in our present time through the mass media, has rendered our primordial instincts nearly dead. Don’t you see that they must keep you unsatisfied so that they may sell you happiness, nay, the means to happiness, which as I have previously stated, is not a complete and final state (see also ‘The Circle of Life’).

Now Frank and Jill have decided, well mostly Jill decided, that it would be best for the two to follow different paths. Neither is upset, although they might miss the fucking that would plaster a smile on their faces for a couple of days. The problem still exists; Frank and Jill as individuals are not any happier than as a team. They are still young however, and maybe in time they will learn to disregard others’ differences of opinions. But they must not hate each other, because hate is an emotion that can be completely controlled, and is very learned. All emotions produce a physical reaction, which is the way the mind inevitably will control the body. Some reactions are detrimental to the health of the body, and if allowed to linger will sour the mind. It is everyone’s right to go insane, but I pray that they do it consciously and not merely as the result of an emotional freefall, having closed their eyes on the way down, hoping god will extend his hand and lower them to a soft landing. Although I mentioned praying and God I use the terms metaphorically. I pray, that is I hope, because I feel compassion towards people in pain, especially when they seem helpless to part the clouds above them. God is everyone’s hope that society will notice them and embrace them, and shower them with the rewards that they hath been promised (if you asked promised by whom and came up with the media, which is served by society, then you are catching on).

As I sit and sip on my almost empty cup of coffee, prepared with an unmeasured amount of sugar, regardless of which I will enjoy it to the last drop, I remember that coffee gives me the runs. I was enjoying the coffee, but I will not enjoy oozing shit tonight. There again is the balance of the universe. With the good comes the bad. I realize that I will not be completely happy tonight, but I realize that I have been happy many times today, and I will continue to encounter scattered moments of joy, for time is long, and nothing lasts forever. I see a constant undulation that is the frequency of life. I no longer hate the world, as is so easy to do in adolescence, but I still loath ignorance and it’s intent on influencing me. Yes, I understand that I said hate is counterproductive, but I am aware of that, and I will work to transform that loathing into tolerance. It is easier than it seems, because just as my fingers strike the keys to type these words I have changed my attitude and I now understand that people need time to make discoveries about themselves. So I no longer hate the ignorant, I accept them, and I accept their points as valid (although I am quite aware that they will not have as easy a time recognizing my views in such a manner).

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