The fact remains that every day I will walk here or there and not know where I am. The fact remains that yesterday is gone and tomorrow never comes. How is it then that people remain optimistic and hopeful? Hope is not realistic, but rather a fabrication of delusion. Technology is not the enemy. Technology allows us to live comfortably. Technology also creates dilemmas. I don’t understand why we must coexist peacefully, for what? Everyone has a job to do, but what if you don’t feel like working? You are thrown to the lions, the welfare line, and the unemployment line, in poverty you will be despised. Society will shun you because you refuse to contribute and accept the mass thought that has been delivered and agreed to by the collective mind. This idea that you needn’t think but just replicate and facilitate is preposterous. And I, I am the mad mind, I who refuse to give in and follow and create and support society and it’s one thought; the advancement and superiority of the ideal. What ideal is this? Live without living. Live in a sedated state with minimal stimulation and maximum aggravation.


I will not compete with you and you will hate me for it. You say it is time for me to start thinking realistically. You can’t even begin to imagine what real is.


Language is a technology (although I failed an English course for arguing such). This technology allows you to share your thoughts with others. It allows you to influence others. You can exert control through language. And this primal technology gave birth to other technologies.


Here is your reality: you have a master and he binds your leash at your eyes, ears and any other sense that will react to his message. He understands you. He knows what you like and what you don’t like. He gives you what you want, or rather lets you know how you must change to attain it. It would not do your master well to have you content.


When you learn how people react you can control their actions. It is for this very reason that your master plays on your senses and fears. The one constant that must exist in you is fear and ignorance. If you refuse to face your fears you hand control to the collective thought, which is quick to exert control. “Follow me and everything will be fine,” says the master to his new infidel.


Control is not for those without direction. You will lose yourself in your new power. Do not continue if you are afraid, you will meet your doom in the truth. The shroud that has been pulled over your eyes is a product of time and space. The shroud blinds the average mind and allows you and me to coexist. You cannot stop time, space is forever, but you are not.


You are a thought. I think you know what I’m talking about. The body and mind are in a continuous struggle for control.  

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