On Applying to an Entry Level Job

coach-briefcase_100608He told me they were entry-level jobs – low wage, low expectations, no requirements. It should be the means to gain experience and pursue greater goals. The Europeans don’t have entry-level jobs – so he argues – that is why their unemployment rate is higher than us. I want to grasp his concept that these entry-level jobs, the jobs that keep our unemployed employed, are a peg to rise towards the American Dream. If that is true then everyone has a chance to learn and succeed in this country.

Why would anyone stay at the entry level past the entry period? Maybe they are not gaining the experience to move upward. Or perhaps their managers are ignoring their responsibilities as teachers and promoters. I see too many folks trapped iat the entry level for their entire lives. Has no one cared enough to help them up? Have they themselves not strived for more? From where shall the push come? Who are we to watch our brothers fail to grow, and how dare we turn a blind eye so that we may continue to be served as we build our wealth on their backs?

We do not benefit from the creation of a subservient class; a class that is malleable and easily influenced can quickly be turned against us. It is in our interest to educate our society as a whole and instill in everyone self-respect and social responsibility.

We must do no such thing boy. Have you paid no attention to what I’ve been teaching you? Do you want to go around wasting your time tryng to save the world? There is no time for that. You will waste your resources, your precious resources… No! You will follow the simple formula for success – they must take care of themselves. This is the system my boy, the system. He drooled on me as the words barreled from his mouth.

This, after all, is his way, his culture. This is what he knows. He knows. He was taught. Some one took the time to teach him. He was teaching me, showing me what is necessary to succeed, to be privileged, so that I may have an entry level servant beckon my call, wait on me, bring me my fine delicacies, my belligerent whine to wash it down, and the soiled napkin to muster in the stench of decadence. I am being taught the proper way to use up these disposable people in these disposable jobs. They are not meant to last – we should not be bothered by their faces for so long that we become familiar.

I’m being pulled in every direction; I have to be the hero for everyone. I am resented if I am not there for you – to help with your problems. Interruptions: that is what you all are to me. Damn it, learn to analyze your own lives. Don’t come to me for the quick answers. I don’t have time for you anymore. Damn you, help yourselves. That is what I want to say to you.

Life is too short to be selfish. Life is too short to be selfless. How do I find the balance? Where do I draw the line? What line? There is no answer – it is opportunity cost.

We are the hustle and bustle people. We work and work and work and take one week for vacation if we have time this year and don’t think twice about it because we have debt that must be paid and there is no way around it because we had to have so many toys, so many that we don’t know what to do with anymore so we rent space to store them because we have to buy more stuff that we need to keep working to pay for because we just don’t have enough money so I thank god that we have credit, which is the real reason we are on top of the world, because we are really just renting ourselves out for our new lords, which will be here soon to call in the debt, and we will be the disposable class then.

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