bang bang

Sometimes you hear the sound and you don’t know what it means…

I’ll tell you what it means,

It means: What the hell are you still doing awake? That’s what the hell it means!

It means: What are you asking questions you don’t want answers too… you think you’re stronger than you’re making out?

It means you’d better buck up and walk the line; that’s what it means — don’t stir the water — don’t rock the boat.

It means keep your hands inside the window,

It means don’t look around, keep your focus, don’t let those eyes wander…

There are some things that you don’t want to see, so just keep on the straight an’ narrow, see…

Its easy, just keep prayin’, an’ I’ll keep a workin’,

an’ somewhere down the line you’ll be able to say, “See! I told you so!”

Dang! And I thought I had it all figured out 😦

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