On Getting Sick and Playing the Guitar

Its never fun getting sick, but even worse than getting sick is getting a weak sick, a kind of soft annoyance that isn’t a full blown sickness, like what I have.



Inferno Pictures, Images and Photos

Dante’s Inferno


At least when I’ve got a full blown flu or cold I have no desire to do anything because I’d rather be dead — but this kind of sick I’ve got, it’s got to be some cruel joke that God is playing on me, a kind of “fuck you Ben for trying to sell your soul.” See, I got no headache, no fever, no body aches, only a stuffed nose, and when I blow my mocos out, that’s the worst, because then my ears get plugged, then I’m screwed, cus there’s nothing I can do at that point — I mean, my ears are plugged, I can’t hear anything — oh, its a truly miserable thing. Its not like anything in Dante’s Inferno, but it should be (see: the circle for those that made a deal with the Devil and then rescinded the offer).


Casbah Cafe


So the sickness came on slowly, after we returned from Vegas for New Years… It was Saturday night and I had gone to the Casbah Cafe — I hadn’t been there in a few years and I wanted to see how the place was doing.



Well, the Casbah is doing great, and it hasn’t changed, which is also great. I started off writing in Los Feliz around 2000, and I did have some good times there, met some colorful characters, and created some colorful characters of my own. But Los Feliz slowly started becoming too trendy, and it lost its Bohemian spirit.



So I moved to the Casbah Cafe, and the spirit there was just what I needed. I was a regular there for about a year, and then for some reason I don’t remember, I stopped going.



Well I showed up at the Casbah again this past Saturday and was able to finish 10-pages rather effortlessly (I guess it is good to have a change of atmosphere). On my way home I did start to feel the sickness coming on — just a scratch in my throat.


xanadu your neon lights will shine Pictures, Images and Photos

Pan Pacific Park Amphitheater where I practice


By Sunday morning I woke up with a terrible sore throat. I left for Pan Pacific Park to practice my guitar for a couple of hours, but it got too cold to play as the sun went down (my fingers were actually freezing and I couldn’t hold down the strings anymore). But the practice session was a success, and I’m one step closer to playing the Crossroads at midnight — then we’ll see who gets who sick!!!


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