iceIf you know something you have to let others know.

How do you do that?

We are not illegal — by trying to make us illegal they are depriving us of the inherent right of due process. When they claim that we are illegal they conclude that we have no rights, no claims to stand on — but we are not illegal. I am here, I exist, look at me.

The war of words is waged by the learned against the unsophisticated. For what reason? To legitimize a false authority, a false supremacy; to instill fear as a means of control. Propaganda is an engine of war, and all engines have weaknesses.

How do you hinder and halt the effects of propaganda?





If I am made to believe that I am illegal, then regardless of any fact otherwise, I will make myself illegal; I will assume the posture of illegal; I will assume the character of illegal; outcast; hunted. If I make myself illegal I must be on guard. I cannot exercise my god-given right to enjoy life: the daylight, the weekends, the nights, my family, my neighbors, my state.

The influence of being categorized illegal attaches to my person a unique set of rules that I must follow. Because of these restrictions attached to me I am at a disadvantage when compared to my free neighbors: from education as a child, to creating and managing relationships in adolescence, and to caste-status in adulthood, there is a perpetuity that ensues if the propaganda is not thwarted quickly and forcefully.

Propaganda lives, metamorphoses, multiplies; like a virus it changes to confuse its attackers. Propaganda changes, it takes on any form and appearance to serve its end.

We have been given a system into which we should assimilate. However, we are given the lower rungs to fight for — we are at the whims of budget cuts, at the whims of inadequate teachers and professors. We have been given a faulty system to follow, to fail. If we follow the system that our masters give us we will never succeed, except to mimic the master in some miniscule manner.

We must create our own system, our own opportunities. We must write our own histories, and our own futures. We must.

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