Truth, Prelude

truthWhat is truth?

I have to remind myself that I am writing and dreaming up fantasies — I have to remind myself that they don’t exist. Sometimes my creative alter ego wants to take over and completely wipe out my reality.

It makes me dizzy and anxious and I feel like I’m losing my mind when this happens because I really believe that I am going crazy. I forget that its not real.

Can you ever have a positive outcome when you separate the soul from the body? How can you separate two complements without producing a fatal consequence? If the artist continues on a journey to define the absurdity of life then he will assuredly cause his own psycholgical death.  To rip the body from the spirit is to deprive the mind of a compass. The artist must change course and rather seek out the renaissance of life.

We have been created with two complementing parts: the spirit, which let’s us fly, and the body, which grounds us before we get swept away.

The fire of the renaissance and the age of enlightenment has been  suffocated by the cold breath that is the age of mechanization, where the spirit has been neglected and trodden over while the body is championed above all.

There is no joi de vie. The soul is starved for inspiration. The soul’s natural reaction is to fight the body for survival, but in the process it is hastening the demise.

You so callously disregarded the warnings that had been laid out for you throughout the centuries — you wanted to create your own reality. Well, now you have it. Now live in it!

Are we merely duplicating machines regurgetating decomposing ideas?

I challenge you artist, take up your task. Tear to shreds this absurd philosophy. Inspire your audience, move them to action.

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