The Wall

a wall 2

It was so inspiring those first few days,
I mean, everyone was out there together,
Such a large group,
And the energy was so powerful,

The wave of energy swept us all up,
We were all being carried on this tall wave,
And it moved so fast, so quickly,
And even though we all saw the wall up ahead
We were on our great wave,
And our great wave would carry us over the top.

And the wave carried us closer, and then we saw:
The wall was bigger than we thought.
And we got closer,
And the wall got bigger;
Some, frightened, turned and swam away;
We stayed, determined to jump over the wall.

We hit the wall with a strong force,
But the wall did not move.
Then there was shock, but from where did it come?
Was it shock that we had not made it over the wall,
Or shock that we had dared to believe we’d make it over?

Either way, the wave had receded,
Some saw the wall as impenetrable,
They turned to walk back that long way
But we stayed, stubborn, stuck to that wall.

And with our hands we dug into the mortar,

Loosening the seams, brick by brick,
Until our fingernails were filed down and our fingertips began to bleed.
And it took a long time, but we got very good at getting the mortar out,
And we got faster too, taking out two, three, four bricks at once.

Finally we loosened enough bricks.

And we would take long breaths in between digging,
And our breaths began to rock the wall,
At first very little,
Back and forth,
But slowly, the rocking grew longer,
Until we grew scared that the wall might fall over on us.
At that point we had to decide if it was better for the wall to fall on us,
Or if we were going to push it away from us.

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