Love, Because I Promised Her

Sunrise over a body of water

Sunrise over a body of water

Love, I promised her I would write about it,
To be in Love,
But how can I — a base man,
Pretend to know of heaven’s magic,

How dare I tame such a force,
By confining to words,
This sensation that so heavy-handedly,
Overwhelms me,
Spins me ’round,
Thrusts me up,
Raises me high,
Above all that;

How otherwise, would I describe a breath,
As it enters me, unnoticed,
And delivers to me my life

Or the light as I waken,
Quietly calling forth my lucidity,
And softly guiding my progress from afar;

I do not wish to dissect Love,
To chart its elements,
To give names to its components,
And map its orbit,

I wish only to long for Love in its absence,
And bask in its warmth when it arrives.

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