On Our Own

On our own we can create our image

We are free to interpret the world

On my own I stare into the mirror

Look past my eyes beyond lucid lies

The pale knowledge, knocking me on knees

On my own I find the way to get lost

Linger, want, need a spark

A mark, there, that let’s me know

Vanished, on my own, I find away

I look, avoid, the dark beyond

Start, the fire, and quickly turning

All in tune, we’ve come to see the mad’ning

Tumb’lin fear be gone,

And I return to see my eye, focus

On the center, pull out and find around

That on my own is too close to home

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1 Response to On Our Own

  1. Kat says:

    I love how well the image matches the writing 🙂

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