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Oh Woeful Man

Oh woeful man, I pray for thee to repent Thou defining moments covet thee, As thou longs for answers. That putrid combination of environment and instance Affects blessed blood, hurling it boiling Relentlessly poisoning the mighty soul.   I pray … Continue reading

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Shit, fuck, crap; here we go again. Whiskey and coffee make an odd combination. For someone who pounds the typer, however, it is a necessity. The whiskey, much like Lethe, is essential for the mind to wander from reality into … Continue reading

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The Desert

I rose my hand closer to my face and gazed at the miniature insect. She was a funny ant. She had large, sharp, coarse jaws. Her head was large and round. She had six legs that moved in harmony and a pair of antennas that wailed in discord. How many other rival ants had she beheaded? If I was an ant I would be a red ant and I would behead 100 ants, black ants. Continue reading

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